9 Bizarre Things That Could Only Happen In China

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One of the most interesting things about China is that it is oddly similar to America.

They are roughly the same size and rest on the same hemisphere so the weather of each country’s regions is very similar.

Also, much like America, China is a pretty weird place in its own way. Here are some of the crazy things that could only happen in China.

1. 16,000 rotting pigs washed up on a river in Shanghai.

The Huangpu, a source of water for the city of Shanghai was found to have 16,000 dead pig carcasses. A combination of a growing amount of pig farms and a lack of facilities to dispose of their bodies might be the cause of this, though officials say the event remains a mystery.

2. There’s an ethnic group where women only cut their hair once in their lifetime.

Women of the Yao people wear scarves on their heads at all times, but let down their hair only once in their lifetimes. This happens during a festival where they gather by a river, wash and cut their hair just before they are to wed.

3. Kids wear split-crotch pants so that they can poop anywhere (literally).

Sure, toddlers can wear diapers in China…but often, little kids sport these special pants with a split in the middle to allow poop to come out with ease. It’s a popular potty training method that’s quite the culture shock to Americans. Don’t knock it until you try it, though. It eliminates diaper rash and researchers say children who use this method complete their potty training at a much earlier age.

4. There’s an elite force of police geese.

Rural areas of the Xinjiang province use police geese instead of dogs. Don’t call these geese “silly,” police say that the geese were chosen because of their vigilance, excellent hearing, and bravery. (If you’ve ever encountered a goose in a park, you’ll understand.)

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5. Women pay hundreds of dollars to restore their virginity.

An odd trend on the rise in China is for women in their 20s to undergo surgery to return their hymen back to it’s unruptured state so that they can technically be considered virgins for the husbands. The procedure only takes about 20-30 minutes and costs around $700 bucks.

6. Businesses erect nets to stop employees from committing suicide.

Due to an increase in suicides, Foxconn, a contract manufacturer for Apple, had nets installed outside of the office buildings. That way, their employees would be saved if they attempted suicide at work.

7. Pajamas are in. Way in.

Not only does it seem that the Chinese people are obsessed with pajamas, they’ve also taken to wearing them in public. This problem has gotten so bad, in fact, that officials created a campaign to try and convince Shanghai residents to put on some real clothes. The officials are worried that this pajama trend will have a negative impact on tourism.

8. People are robbing graves in China in order to marry off the deceased.

In order to stop an ancient Chinese curse, families in Dongbao are marrying their unwed, dead sons by paying grave robbers to retrieve a suitable dead bride for them. It is bad luck to a family to die unwed, so they are throwing full weddings for these corpses!

9. There are Apple Stores…that aren’t Apple Stores at all.

Blue shirts, an angelic white room, and personal attention from a specialist — it all might make you think you’re in an Apple store, but you might not be. Apple only has four stores in China, yet there are countless fake Apple stores. Even the staff think they are employed by Wozniak, but their boss is actually a very crafty Chinese business person.

Again, this all isn’t to say China is any weirder than America, it’s just weird in it’s own, very specific way.

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